KOTOKO – Hane Live Tour 2004 Limited Edition

Sung by: KOTOKO

Music by: I’ve Sound

Produced by: Geneon Entertainment

1.  Suppuration – The original version of Suppuration-core- that was never released. Even though Suppuration is brilliant, it lacks the extra remix that Suppuration-core- added to the song…in other words, Suppuration is Suppuration-core- but without a few techno beats. It’s still very good, but lacks the -core- version’s quality.

MM! Rating: 8/10

2.  Nendo no Hoshi – This song is brilliant. With a beautiful background theme, along with an amazing set of lyrics, this song is brilliant. The verses can be slightly boring until it reaches the pre-chorus stage, but the chorus makes up for it with its beauty.

MM! Rating: 8/10

3.  Chi ni Kaeru – The original version of Chi ni Kaeru~on the earth~. For this song, it is actually better than the remix. ~on the earth~ had a dull sound to it, but was still enjoyable. Chi ni Kaeru has a beautiful piano playing in the background along with added instruments, and it adds a beautiful sound.

MM! Rating: 9/10

4. Fuyu no Shizuku~White Summer Style~ – Fuyu no Shizuku is a beautiful song. With the added techno beats, it does not have the same effect as the original, and is also sped up. But, this works well, except for the fact that vital techno parts from the chorus have been taken out, which has taken away Fuyu no Shizuku’s brilliance.

MM! Rating: 7/10

Conclusion: In conclusion, Hane Live Tour 2004 Limited Edition was a short but sweet album. Although the changes from the original songs were difference, they still worked well. It was also interesting to hear some of KOTOKO’s best songs played in a different way.

MM! Overall Rating: 8/10

One thought on “KOTOKO – Hane Live Tour 2004 Limited Edition

  1. I felt that the faster pace in Fuyu no Shizuku~White Summer Style~ intensified a sense of nostalgia. One would think that the slower, more stately composition of the original would best evoke that kind of sentiment, but it was so slow that it began to drag. The bit of electronic flourish in the chorus wasn’t enough to balance that feeling, and there wasn’t anything of note in the bridge sections.

    On the other hand, the texture is a lot lighter in White Summer Style, but there are still quite a few instruments. Sleigh bells are sprinked throughout, and the bridge reinforces the intro theme in piano. A gearwork kind of snare sound keeps up the energy level beginning in the second verse, syncopated synthesizer also has entries in the instrumental parts. I found there was a richer variety of lines even though the overall atmosphere is light.

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