Wind~a breath of heart~


This game was beautiful. The storyline was fantastic, and the great non-hentai option the translation gave me was very helpful.

So, what’s Wind~a breath of heart~ about? I can’t give a full description, seeing how long the game was, but I’ll give you a brief description of the story.

Wind~a breath of heart~ is the story about a young man named Okano Makoto. Many years ago, he lived in a small town, before he moved in to the city. Before he left, he had to say goodbye to his young lover, Narukaze Minamo. Just before he said goodbye, he gave her a harmonica, and they swore to each other that neither of them would get married until they met each other again. He gives her his harmonica, and says that if she ever wants him to come, she should play his mother’s favorite song.

The story starts with Makoto and his sister Hinata on their way back to their home town. It then skips forwards by about a year, when both Makoto and Hinata have now warmed up to their new life. One day, when Makoto was with a group of friends(who are all main characters) at a cafe, he remembers that he left his books back at school. He goes to the school building, gets the book, and as he’s about to leave the classroom, he hears a melody being played on the harmonica. It’s his mother’s song. He runs upstairs, and on the roof is a tall girl with long blue hair, who is, of course, Minamo.

Now, this probably sounds like a typical story, but it’s not. The story then goes on to become an original story, with original characters. Although there are a few filler bits(like a sports day), it uses this to become an important part of the story(during the sports day, you have an option of where you want to go).

MM! Games Rating: 9/10

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