Sung by: SHIHO

Music by: I’ve Sound

Produced by: Geneon Entertainment

DIVARATS is one of SHIHO’s albums, but I preferred the extension. The remixes were very interesting.

1. RAIMEI -ACID MIX- (Blasterhead Remix) – I wasn’t too fond of SHIHO’s voice in this song. It wasn’t her usual standard. But the great techno beat made up for it. The chorus was probably the best bit vocal wise, but the techno beat stayed the same throughout the song. In the end, this was probably one of the lower points of DIVARATS Extension.

MM! Rating: 7/10

2. Purple Stone -CT MIX- (Quad Remix) – VERY LONG INTRO. Regardless of that, this was my favorite song on the album. Her voice was best in this song, the intro had a really nice tune, and the techno and SHIHO’s voice blended really well throughout the whole song.

MM! Rating: 9/10

3. REASON -ACID MIX- (Blasterhead Remix) – Unfortunately, in this song, SHIHO’s voice is put behind the techno beat, so it sounds like she’s kind of trying raeally hard to get her voice out of it…and her voice wsn’t the best. But the techo beat itself is pretty good, and supported the failure that her voice was.

MM! Rating: 6/10

4. RAIMEI-Uplifting MIX-(Quad Remix) – Another EXTREMELY long intro, but the techno theme is brilliant. Again, SHIHO’s voice is pushed behind the techno, but in this song, unlike REASON, she sung pretty well.

MM! Rating: 8/10

Conclusion: To round it off, I’ll have to admit, that these are probably SHIHO’s best songs. It was nice to see more techno work by I’ve, since they are brilliant at it. Awesome album.<3

MM! Overall Rating: 8/10