KOTOKO – Re-Sublimity

Sung by: KOTOKO

Music by: I’ve Sound

Produced by: Geneon Entertainment

Anime: Kannazuki no Miko

1. Re-Sublimity – Kannazuki no Miko’s opening. A beautiful song, filled with an amazing upbeat techno tune, and KOTOKO’s voice is used perfectly in this song. Verses and chorus are beautiful, and this is a perfect song to start KOTOKO’s shortest but best album ever.

MM! Rating: 9.5/10

2. Agony – Even though the tune seems to be slower than Re-Sublimity, the actual vocals are much faster. With a beautiful theme blended with a techno beat topped off with KOTOKO’s amazing voice, Agony is brilliant. With brilliant verses and an even better chorus, Agony is another reason to call this album the best KOTOKO album.

MM! Rating: 9.5/10

3. Suppuration-core- – This song alone is a reason to make KOTOKO your favorite singer. With a brilliant theme and techno beat, this dark and mysterious song gives you everything you want out of a KOTOKO song. Amazing vocals, amazing lyrics, brilliant verses, a spectacular chorus, Suppuration-core- is by far KOTOKO’s best song of all time.

MM! Rating: 10/10

(This album also includes a Karaoke version of Re-Sublimity and Agony)

Conclusion: Listen to this album, and you’ll be thanking me, and thanking yourself for getting it in the first place. Filled with KOTOKO’s 3 best songs of all time, Re-Sublimity is by far KOTOKO’s best album ever. You must listen to this, so the KOTOKO obsession can spread. :3 The anime is pretty good, with nice art and an okay story. It’s also got mechas, so it’s probably a must-see for GUNDAM fans. WARNING! The anime is shoujo-ai(girl-with-girl), but doesn’t have any nude, only ecchi(panty shots).

MM! Overall Rating: 10/10

2 thoughts on “KOTOKO – Re-Sublimity

  1. So wait, Geneon released a full KOTOKO album but under the guise of a Kannadzuki no Miko OST?

    Or is it just the OST that happens to have a lot of KOTOKO music on it due to her influences in the series?

    Anyway, you’re missing a certain term. Shoujo-ai; it’s for lesbian relationships without showing sex (softcore, ecchi, whatever.) Yuri is for hentai and all-out lesbian hardcore stuff. =P

  2. Oh crud, you’re right. -_- I know it was shoujo-ai, I was just being stupid. I’m don’t like Yuri.D: Thanks for spotting that for me.

    No, this isn’t the Kannazuki no Miko soundtrack. It’s KOTOKO’s single album for the song Re-Sublimity. I’m guessing the guys behind KnM did art for the album, seeing as all 3 of the songs are featured in the anime.

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