Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha – StrikerS Episode 1 – Wings Towards the Sky

I apologize for my long absence, I’ve been really busy with some coursework.;_; But, I’m back now.:D

Finally, I’ve been waiting so long for this.xD The original Nanoha and Nanoha A’s were brilliant, and this definitely lived up to my expectations. By the way, I’ve changed my idea about making whole episode synopsis’s, since it takes longer than I thought it would. -.- In future, I’ll just be typing up my opinion about the episodes. Spoilers inside~

Now, I personally thought I was going to be disappointed with the OP, since what I heard on the promo didn’t sound as good as Innocent Starter and Eternal Blaze. But I was so wrong! Nana Mizuki did live up to my expectations, and the OP theme ‘Secret Ambition’ was amazing. The start of the video wasn’t brilliant, with the whole turning around going from their formal costume to there battle costume. But once the animations truly begun, the OP video was stunning.

The first thing I noticed when the episode started was Nanoha’s voice. After 10 years, she still sounds like a 9 year old? Not that I minded, seeing as a deep voice wouldn’t really suit her, but it kind of makes you wonder.x3 Anyways, straight after that, you are introduced to the beautiful new animation, and how fantastic the colors are going to be. 26 episodes with this color quality? I can’t wait!:3 Unfortunately, the only version of the episode out so far was the Lyrical Party version, so most StrikerS fans are waiting for the full quality version which is airing on the 14th.

The new characters, Teana Lanster and Subaru Nakajima are pretty awesome new characters. With Teana being the rough and moody one, and Subaru being the optimistic jumpy person, they make a good pair. I especially loved all of their moves, especially Teana’s Cross Fire Shoot. Regardless of that, Subaru would have to be my favorite character personality wise. I love her when she’s shy.xD Then again, this is only the first episode, so I can’t really decide yet.

Also, it was interesting to see some teamwork involved. In Nanoha A’s, each character would choose one person to fight(Nanoha-Vita, Fate-Signum, etc.), but Subaru and Teana work together. There was also a lot of interesting tactics used, such as Teana firing a grapple hook at the ceiling, so all of the enemies target it, but instead of going up with it, she lets go of the gun on it’s own, so the weapons attack her gun. I thought it was clever, anyway.:3

It was nice to see Hayate and Fate again, and it was good to see that they haven’t changed that much, apart from changes in their body. Unfortunately, not much of Nanoha was shown apart from watching her free Subaru at the beginning, and glimpses of her throughout the episode. Also, her new attack at the end was…weird.xD Clever, I guess, with weird rubbery tree like things and a net, but the rubbery tree bit was pretty out of the blue.

Also, for the first time in Nanoha history, the ED theme wasn’t /that/ cheesy. In the past, the 2 Nanoha ED themes were cheesy(make a little wish.>>). But for once, only the voice is cheesy, and the song sounds like it’s at least trying to be good, which was an improvement. Also, the ED video was the first dark looking one so far, with a purple background instead of all shiny and bright.

In the end, StrikerS is exactly what I was hoping for. Brilliant new music, brilliant new characters(even though we have only seen 2 of them, there are still a lot more to go, like Carol and Elio), brilliant animation…I can’t wait full the full quality version, as well as the next episode and the Secret Ambition soundtrack(which is released on the 18th).

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